Signs It’s Time for a Bathroom Makeover

November 9, 2022

Your bathroom is one of the top-used areas in your home. For this reason, it has to be comfortable and convenient for your everyday life. However, since it gets much traffic, don’t be surprised to see cracked tiles, dirty grout, and a lack of storage space. Even as these little flaws add up, you may still think they’re minor enough to ignore. Whether you’re due for a bathroom cabinet remodel in Davie, FL, or a complete bathroom makeover, we’re here to point out the signs that say you need to do something about it.

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How to Know If You’re Due for a Bathroom Makeover

An Upcoming Resale

If you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, you’ll want to take a long and hard look at your bathroom because this area usually makes or breaks the sale. It doesn’t matter if you need a minor or major renovation. Updating your bathroom space to make it look brand-new and attractive for your prospective buyer is best.  

Besides adding to your home’s overall value, a renovated bathroom potentially has a return on investment of around 60% at resale. Consequently, taking on a bathroom remodel is one of the best ways to ensure a higher selling price.

General Damage  

Your bathroom might look worse for wear if you live in an older house. You’re probably dealing with cracked tiles, leaky taps, water damage, and rusty fixtures. Besides being an outdated eyesore, an older bathroom is usually susceptible to mold and mildew buildup due to a lack of proper ventilation. If your bathroom space looks old, tired, and broken, even after trying to keep it clean, a bathroom renovation might be next on your to-do list.

Musty Odors

You should consider renovating your bathroom space if you can’t get rid of its old, musty odor, no matter how much you clean it. In most cases, a persistent mold and mildew issue is the culprit behind these funky smells. Scrubbing down the bathroom tiles until you eliminate all visible traces of fungi won’t remove the microorganisms that have already managed to penetrate your bathroom tiles’ exterior layer. The recurring unpleasant odor indicates they’re growing under the tiling or on the wall.

Poor and Aging Lighting

Your bathroom’s functionality is closely linked to its lighting. Replacing your poor and aging lights with elegant lighting can dramatically change your bathroom’s look and feel. While you can always choose to install a dimmer switch to control your bathroom’s brightness level, you might also want to use windows to let in natural light whenever possible.

Bathroom Cabinet Remodel in Davie FL

Safety Concerns

As mentioned, mold and mildew thrive in poorly ventilated bathrooms, causing respiratory issues and skin allergies. Moreover, wet floors can pose some risks for children and the elderly. If you have younger kids or senior parents in your home, wet rooms with hard surfaces increase the risk of falls. Likewise, poor lighting will make your bathroom look dark and gloomy and lead to trips and falls.

Do you plan to live in your house well into retirement? Consider refreshing your bathroom lighting and converting your bathtub into an accessible walk-in shower area. It’s also best to install non-slip tiles, grab bars, or rails around the shower area and toilet. While at it, add a shower seat or bench, an adjustable or handheld showerhead, and an illuminated switch. Lastly, you’ll want to eliminate slippery floor coverings and throw rugs.

Bathroom safety concerns are one glaring sign your bathroom needs a renovation. If what was supposed to be your safe haven becomes a prime location for slips, falls, and other accidents, you’ll want to revamp your bathroom to turn it into a safe and enjoyable area.

Lack of Functionality

Perhaps you need two sinks instead of one, or your bathroom may lack storage space or square footage. If an elderly family member is moving in, you may need to convert your whirlpool tub into a large shower area, or you may have to change the entire layout. Your bathroom has to change as your needs and those of your family members evolve. Renovating it makes perfect sense if it’s outdated, awkward, or fails to work for your specific needs.

Outdated Décor

Does your bathroom look like it’s from the 1960s? You should bring it to the 21 century. It’s important to note that all types of bathroom upgrades that focus on modernizing the décor are considered a good investment.  

Today’s bathroom designs usually resemble a spa-like oasis that would make homeowners want to stay and relax in the bathroom. You can upgrade your old and outdated bathroom into a modern space via a tub-to-shower conversion. Consider installing multiple shower heads and adding heated floors.  

Other examples of décor changes include:

  • Changing the towel rail and bathroom tile
  • Updating the vanity and countertops
  • Adding wallpaper or freshening wall paint
  • Installing decorative lighting
  • Upgrading the bath or shower unit
  • Matching shower faucets and taps

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, consider adding unique at-home bathroom amenities, such as hidden outlets for space and aesthetics, a bidet-style toilet, a thermostatic valve for temperature control, and more.

Storage Problems

Although storage may seem like a minor issue, inadequate storage space in the bathroom compels you to keep necessary toiletry items and towels in other parts of the house. In addition, this problem can also cause your bathroom to look messy and cluttered. Storing your hygiene products and cleaning solutions in another room to keep them out of the way can be inconvenient.

More storage space in your bathroom helps save time and reduce stress by promoting easy access to your bathroom essentials. Choosing smart storage solutions can go a long way in making your life much easier.

For instance, open shelving is a versatile yet aesthetically pleasing bathroom storage option because you can easily tuck them into different areas, such as underneath and to the vanity’s sides or above the shower head. Moreover, today’s homeowners usually choose sleek, flat-front bathroom cabinets that are easier to clean than cabinetry with ornate panels and trim. Try adding a spacious vanity or fitting a cabinet into a corner nook.

Besides giving you more than enough storage space for your toiletries, makeup, shower supplies, towels, flat iron, curling iron, and hairdryer, you’ll also have enough room for more items in the future. What’s more, it makes getting ready in the morning a breeze.  

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